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Welcome to the OTTPA Inc website. We are honored that you are willing to spend some of your time with us. Just to help you understand a little about us, how we started, and why...here is a little history of our organization.

After having spent several years in a local super and modified tractor pulling association, I realized that a lot of people could not afford to own those high powered expensive machines, and having loved tractors all of my life, it didn't take to much encouragement when several of my friends wanted to start a antique tractor pull association.

At a meeting in Salisbury, N.C. , June 1989, four men came together and raised $1500.00. We agreed to spread the word about our intentions and purchase a sled for the purpose of showing antique tractors.

As the word spread, more and more people with antique tractors wanted to help. A meeting was called at the Baxter Ribelin Farm in Eastern Rowan County, where to my surprise, about 30 people attended.

We found out that some of these people had been going to a local antique tractor pull until the man's sled had broken. They were really excited about joining with us. They would later build a set of scales to go along with our sled.

After a great meeting, officers were elected and plans were for our first pull. The Old Time Tractor Pulling Association was born --later to be called the OTTPA Inc.

Our goal was simple --- to have as many people as possible bring their antique tractors 1955 and older, later changed to 1960 and older, to hook to our sled and help put on a show for fund raisers at Fire Departments, Civic Clubs and Machinery Shows. Our intentions were also simple. Do our best for the preservation, storation, demonstration, and education of antique tractors and farm machinery.

On July 26th 1989 in the office of our attorney Lynn Hicks, we drew up the bylaws and the articles of incorporation of the Old Time Tractor Pulling Association and on August 8th 1989, document # 460496 was filed in the office of Rufus L. Edmisten, state of North Carolina. Thus we became The OTTPA, INC., a non-profit organization of family and friends helping to entertain people of all ages.

Our board of directors started out with 4 men, we now have 7. We have younger boys and girls bringing tractors (with the help of their family) and pulling them in our show. These children were not even born in 1989 when we first started. Have we been successful? I think so...but we still have a long way to go. We have had 5,519 hits on our website and whether you are 5,520, or 15,520, we thank you for your interest. We have many things of interest already and lots more to come in the way of planning and scheduling. 

Check back with often. Again...welcome to the OTTPA,Inc. 

 Old Time Tractor Pullers Association, Inc. Tracy Coe 3140 Rockford Road Boonville, North Carolina 27011 Telephone: 336-469-3461 Contact:  ottpapulling@gmail.com

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